mugen 是什么游戏

mugen 是什么游戏

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          关键词 四元数;饥饿源于菌群;呼吸源于线粒体;菌心说;双脑论;中西医结合;中医生命科学 Using the quaternion model of human body to conjecture the structure and function of human beingsAbstract Since the beginning of human life, how to correctly understand "human" as a special natural species has puzzled the scientific community for thousands of years. Until recent years, with the rapid development of biology and life science, it has provided new clues for the answers to address this question. With the gradual recognition that human body is a "super symbiont" composed of human body itself and symbiotic microorganisms, especially gut flora, and the discovery of "hunger sensation comes from gut flora" and so on, together with the guidance of mathematical and logical thinking, the "quaternion" model of human body structure and function is proposed in this paper, which brings new ideas for the new development of mathematical biology, especially the biological cybernetics and mathematical medicine. Although "quaternion" was discovered in 1843 by Hamilton, an Irish physicist and mathematician, which led to a mathematical revolution, it was used in the fields of biology, life science and medicine, especially in combination with physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, neurology, anatomy and other related knowledge. It can be used to analyze the structure and function of human body and is expected to obtain a series of new discoveries. In this paper, the quaternion model is used to analyze the structure and function of human body, i.e. . The corresponding relationship in structure is (human body vector) = (body scalar) + (gut flora vector) + (mitochondria vector) + (human brain vector). The corresponding relationship in function is (holistic human) = (human body for moving) + (gut flora for eating) + (mitochondrial for breathing) + (human brain for thinking). From this, we can get a new understanding of the structure and function of human body, especially regarding human body as vector rather than scalar based on the perspective of the origin of hunger sensation signal from gut flora as microorganism to human body and from the perspective of mitochondrial respiration to human body. The signal origin and biological control principle of symbiotic microorganism to human physiological function are emphasized, which provides important support for the new development of biological cybernetics. This model has reference value for the researches related to "holistic human" in medicine and life science, and will also help to promote the research and application of new outlook on traditional Chinese medicine and life science.Keywords Quaternion; hunger sensation comes from gut flora; respiration signal comes from mitochondria; gut flora-centric theory; two-brain model; integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine; traditional Chinese medicine and life science 很难知道为什么地球上会有生命,同时也很难知道地球上为什么会有人类出现,即便是达尔文进化论在试图回答生命的起源和进化等关于生命科学的基本问题时也遇到不少困难[1]。地区mugen 是什么游戏内,最后,小编再来说一遍关键:吃水果要适量!吃水果要适量!吃水果要适量!



      正是这些精神上的东西,构成了我的人生,塑造了我的性情,也滋润了我的心灵。【赶紧】,又mugen 是什么游戏━━━━━控制之问:北京疫情是否控制住了?6 月 18 日,在北京市新冠肺炎疫情防控工作第 125 场新闻发布会上,吴尊友 " 北京疫情已经控制住了 " 的说法一出,激起千层浪。给某